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Not so long ago, I hit rock bottom. Not a spectacular fall flat on your face, totally out of the blue kinda rock bottom.

But a slow and steady decline.

A wrong turn here and there over years and years, and I began to wander off my path.

I completely lost sight of who I was and where I was going.

As I took stock of the fallout, I began a journey to dig myself out – a journey back to myself.

A journey that began with a simple question…


It took me a long time to really hear this question and even longer to answer it.  I was in a pretty dark place and living my life on automatic pilot.

The answer though, eventually found it’s way to the surface – from somewhere buried deep and forgotten.  Not a detailed, deep and meaningful essay that would be the code I should live my life by – but it was

Just. One. Thing.

Just. One. Word.


Through the simple act of adding more colour into my every day life, I embarked on a life changing journey.

An unchatered journey of…

  • discovery
  • adventure and
  • soul opening insights

An insight and attunement into…

  • energy
  • crystals
  • soul alignment and
  • heart truth

A submission and submersion into…

  • creativity
  • art and
  • messages from the divine

And where am I now?

I am on my way back.

Back to myself.

Back in my power and here to help you find your own way back.

Back to yourself.

Through the power of Talismanic Art.

Talismanic Art helps you reconnect with who you are & where you are going so you can actualise your dreams and desires more easily.

“Tell me more!” I hear you ask…

First let me ask you some questions…

Do you ever feel as though your life has lost some of it’s colour and shine?…

Do you feel life has become burdened with responsibilities, expectations of other, and limited opportunities?…

Does everything look black and white? Or even varying shades of grey?

This is an all too common experience.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You already have within you the ability to change your experience of this life.

You have the ability to change your energetic vibrations.

You have this Personal Power.

Do you want to

Rediscover it?
Reclaim it?
Reaffirm it?

Through colour and crystal I raise your vibrations and align your actions with your intentions.

Keen to learn more?

Check out what I have to offer you HERE.

How it all began…

My love affair with colour began as a small child.

As I grew and had more influence over my fashion and decor choices, I pursued a career in Interior Design.

While initially my studies and early career fed my colour addiction, eventually it ended up stunting my creativity along with my love of colour.

I found myself losing touch with who I am, shutting off a part of me just to get things done and spending most of my time on auto-pilot.

Like us all, my personal life dealt me my fair share of challenges.

I found myself assuming that being a grown-up and taking on grown-up responsibilities meant I had to cut off my playful, colourful side. i ended up weighed down and out of touch with who I am and what makes me happy. (read more about my colourless living)

And now I am on a quest to infuse my life and yours with

Colour to Inspire

Colour to Heal

Colour to Ease

and Colour to Celebrate and Honour LIFE

So pack your bags for the journey, but don’t forget to lead some space for the rainbows and colourful treasures you’ll collect along the way.

Treasures?  What kind of Treasures?

The best kind of treasures, deep knowledge, the shining light of truth…the talismans that keep you going on YOUR RIGHT PATH.

Are you ready to embark on your journey? Yes?

Then I’d love to be your guide.

Discover direct access to your personal power and what it means to work with a Talismanic Artist.


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Ps. Want an easy way to access the power of colour in your life?

Start your journey with a gift of soul infused, inspirational art.

It’s my gift to you.

CLICK HERE to receive it.

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